Updating shortcuts

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-------------------- Quick access to basic system functions: -------------------- Looking for even more keyboard shortcuts?

Find all of them here for Windows 7, 8.1 and the remainder of those for Windows 10.

I searched and found out that this seems to be already solved, e.g. I haven't tested out these other plugins so I'm not sure how they solve it, but I decided to take on the challenge and see how this could be solved ;-) So here's my hack for creating shortcuts for: Thanks for the clarification about your intention to enqueue it as a file.

I'm still wondering though, why you even care about tinymce at all.

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It's more of a workaround than an actual solution, but it's the easiest one to rule out first.

The Windows Insider Program recently provided this updated list of keyboard shortcuts in the Windows 10 Feedback Hub and I thought it would make for a handy reference for all of you as well.

NOTE: The keyboard shortcuts that are new to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update are italicized.

Even if your post edit screen only contains a title box wouldn't you still want to be able to save via keyboard shortcut?

I guess the question is whether keyboard events happening inside the tinymce are bubbling up into the "outside" post edit screen.

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