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“It’s going to hurt, and let the chips fall where they may. Neither first lady Jenny Sanford nor his sons attended.He apologized to his family, supporters, the faith community and to all other South Carolinians. When reached by The Associated Press on Sunday, Sanford confirmed the accuracy of a statement provided to CNN that announced his engagement to Maria Belen Chapur. Sanford was a rising Republican political star before he vanished from South Carolina for five days in 2009 to visit his mistress. Mark Sanford says he’s engaged to the Argentine woman he secretly left the state to visit under the cover story he was hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Voters look for cues from the wives of politicians to determine whether they should go Old or New Testament on these men.PHOTOS: Celebrity Cheaters Earlier Thursday, An Argentinian website posted a photo of the couple simply walking together, and called it “the first known photo of the two of them together.” The site did not give details of where or when the photos were taken.As Radar has previously reported, Sanford was embroiled in scandal two years ago when he went AWOL for a several days; while his camp said he was on a hike of the Appalachian Trail, the then-married politician, a father-of-four, later admitted to visiting Chapur, his mistress — a woman he once referred to as his “soul mate”.In the annals of political history, there are plenty of wronged wives who have taken one for the team, stood by their husbands, and asked forgiveness on their behalves.Melania Trump did her part Monday, sitting for an interview with Anderson Cooper to answer questions about a video of her husband talking about forcibly groping and kissing women and accusations of the same from at least nine women.

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