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So, to the men out there who want to reassure me that they like curves, thank you for your concern, but I don't need your approval. When I’m meeting someone for the first time, no matter who they are, this conversation always seems to happen in one of two ways.In the first variety of his/her reaction, my conversation partner begins to get defensive and starts arguing various points of feminist politics with me, often trying to start up debates in the dining hall line or on the bus about men’s violence against women, the pay gap, reproductive justice, and so on.

In the world of relationships, we know that women want love, commitment, and romance, but what do men really want, is it companionship or sex?There is a fully renovated auditorium, a picnic area, and a general use field for lawn games.There are also bike, rollerblading and walking paths, two basketball courts, and twodog parks for various sized canine members of the family.The first reaction is not the one I’m concerned about; it’s the second one.In the second instance, my conversation partner reacts as if Mother Teresa herself has suddenly risen from the grave and is performing a lively tap-dance routine in front of him/her, top hat and all.

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