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He taught me to open my heart up to things that are new. It defined a generation, and it means a lot to its fans.

And…I guess that’s kind of what Harry Potter is all about.’ Harry Potter.

on their You Tube channel, and it can be basically summed up as "I’M SOB-LAUGHING A RIVER OF TEARS THAT WILL NEVER CEASE.

We have to study hard if we wanna be good wizards and witches! (sung) I may be frumpy, but I'm super smart Check out my grades They're A's, for a start What I lack in looks, well, I make up in heart And well guys, yeah, that's totally awesome This year, I plan to study a lot — [RON] That would be cool if you were actually hot [HARRY] Hey, Ron, come on! [RON] And that's cool [HERMIONE] And that's totally awesome [ALL] Yeah, it's so cool And it's totally awesome!

This year we'll take everybody by storm Stay up all night Sneak out of our dorm [HERMIONE] But let's not forget That we need to perform well in class If we want to pass our O. [HERMIONE, spoken] Because, guys, school's not all about fun and games!

And I say this as someone who is a stickler for continuity, but Meredith won me over from her very first fourth-wall-shattering wink.

They had very little rehearsal time, which just makes it all the more fantastic because their slip-ups were GOLDEN.

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