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So Spendthrift C suggests still splitting the bill evenly but having C and D give some cash to A and B to help even things out. (And I’m assuming we’re using Tightwads/Spendthrifts as amusing shorthand, not because we think really they’re either of those things.) If someone says clearly that they’d rather not pay for someone else’s meal, no one should balk at that, especially in a situation where you’ve got four coworkers eating together during a business trip, as opposed to a social occasion among friends.

But D balks at giving cash for unstated reasons, quite possibly because he’s tired of fussing over - changing hands in one direction or another. The group should have immediately acquiesed and had people pay for their own meals.

Belize the country is a beautiful place with safe tourism; however, I continue to recommend avoiding Belize City and taking the advice I did not.

Belize City crime is rampant and Belize City is dangerous. But in the world there are only a handful of things I know to be true, and this is one of them.

Only diamond can compete with gold, so Lady Million is the perfect companion to modern and masculine 1 Million.The main problem I have is that trying to pigeonhole Jethro Tull as prog rock only does a major disservice to the band, mainly becase they can't be pigeonholed as ANYTHING but simply 'Jethro Tull.' I mean, there's a reason you don't hear about too many Jethro Tull cover bands - the style they created is simply inimitable.Some folk, a smidge of classical, a touch of hard rock and a pinch of blues, all mixed just right with the unusual personality of frontman Ian Anderson.After the edition for men, women's version inspired by gold and wealth was expected.Two years after men's edition, fragrant lady finally appears - Lady Million!

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