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A few feet away, Este (27, bass, harmonies, occasional lead vocal) is sucking hot vapor from a bonglike throat-remedy device. Este is diabetic, so she can't drink and doesn't smoke weed – there's too much sugar in booze, and she's worried she'll eat too much sugar if she gets the munchies.

There are two instrumentals: the short and cacophonous The Foothills and the melodic and graceful Accord.

We get to hear plenty of Bird's signature vocals, violin talents and songwriting skills throughout, making for one of the biggest records of the year.

Enlisting other artists for a selection of songs was also a solid move, but we all know that an Andrew Bird album is a must-listen no matter who is on it.

Lock And Key is a strong song and the highlight of the 10-track album is the seven-minute When It Pleases You, with its grungy guitar and clever arrangements.

Watkins's own song You And Me, with its sultry vocals, and the moody Be There, about the loneliness of a travelling musician, are both top notch.

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