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National Football League Security subsequently warned players to stay away from the nightclub “pending (the) outcome of a criminal investigation conducted by the Honolulu Police,” according to

Miske, 38, was arrested Saturday at the Honolulu Police Department headquarters on Beretania Street and charged today with second-degree assault. Miske, who is also the owner and president of Kamaaina Termite and Pest Control, has an extensive criminal history that includes 10 convictions, six for felonies, dating back to 1993.

One of the largest and most iconic buildings in St. They even started eating some of the priceless artifacts in the museum.

Augustine started looking a lot different Thursday. ” Jim Piggot is the general services director for the City of St. He said, “We haven’t done this for 15 plus years.” Crews started putting up tarps in the back Thursday where the Lightner Museum is and were working their way up to the front of the building where City Hall stands. The size of the building means lots of tarps and even more clips to hook them together.

Wild chimpanzee mothers have been filmed teaching their children to use tools – toothbrush-style probes to fish for termites – for the first time.

Tool-use was once seen as a distinct feature of humans but it has since been discovered in a number of animals from great apes to birds.

Barbie loves to hang out in the park all summer long so that she can work on her tan and watch cute boys play sports.

Today, Barbie and her friends have decided to have some fun in the sun by enjo...

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“The workers are walking on the tile and that’s where the damage comes from,” Piggot said.However, the videos show that education is also not confined to humans with young chimps being deliberately taught how to make the best kind of tool for the job, instead of having to watch an adult then work it out for themselves.The film was shot by camera traps set up around a termites’ nest in Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park in the Republic of Congo by academics from Washington University in St Louis.Her animals friends are also going with her and just love it ... You are going to have a hard time with the Termites and the Queen Ants. When the weather's warm and beautiful, you need an excuse to go out and explore the beautiful weather.Sarah wanted to take a break from work and have some fun in the sun with her friends. Be sure to pack enough food for everyone in the park in case you get some playful pups making...

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